Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Head in a jar

*sigh* Heads in Jars... too much Mignola on the brain I guess. I actually have a whole story idea where floating heads in jars are a big part of it. Someday, I'll draw that bad boy, or make a movie, or something. Until then, I get to sneak little paintings of them in on the weekend.

This is a painting for the guy in the previous post... his wedding present if you will. Isn't this a great wedding gift? Who needs silverware when you can have some sort of caricature of your head floating in a jar in space!? Maybe this will take off, I'll be swamped with absurd wedding gift requests, and I'll be able to quit my day job and become a full time painter. Yeah, you're right, it'll never happen. Guess I better get back to my boards.

Oh hey look, it's the original sketch. Looks a little different from the final huh? Yeah, that happens. Okay, well have a nice day.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wedded Bliss

Here I go again neglecting my little ol' blog... I'm trying to be better about this and get back to a proper, more regular schedule of posting work. Big changes at the day job that have left me with a fun new project but, a lot more responsibility. I find I go home and obsess over what I can do to make the movie better instead of giving my brain a break and working on some of my own stuff. I have a couple of paintings in the owrks that I hope to post as soon as I finish them. Until then, here's a little rush job. Need to find that balance.

A buddy back in the AZ is getting hitched and they wanted me to do an image for the top of the wedding cake. You see, this is for a radio thing, that's why it's kinda cheesy. I wish I had more time to do something cooler. Hopefully the painting I'm doing will make up for the lameness that is this image.

Everybody doing alright? Okay, good.