Monday, October 19, 2009

The Nun With 2 Guns

This was a thing that started over in the comments section of WJC's blog.

I hope to do another one when I get a spare minute or two. This was a quick doodle in my sketchbook. The spelling of PREY is intentional.

If you haven't seen Warwick Johnson Cadwell's work before, go


His work is AWESOME.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ApeekA Zoo

It's a sea of apps out there folks. They're all the rage. I recently worked on an app called ApeekA Zoo.

I didn't do any of the technological wizardry, but I did get to design and colour all of the characters and backgrounds. A selection of which, you can see here.

The app is for toddlers I guess aged 2-4, it's designed to teach them their animals. The plan is to update the app with new animals on a regular basis.

The App can be purchased from iTunes HERE

You can also see the apps in action at THIS youtube page.

So pick your little one up a fun little app, and if you like, leave some positive feedback on iTunes.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jersey Gods #8!!!

A while ago I was lucky enough to be asked to do a pin up for Jersey Gods, an Image Comic by Glen Brunswick and Dan McDaid.

This is that pin up.

Go pick yourself up a copy. It's a fun read. Really fun.


More fun than you're having right now.

Especially if you're still reading this blog.

Why are you still here?

You should be half way to your local comic shop by now!!!!