Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jersey Gods #8!!!

A while ago I was lucky enough to be asked to do a pin up for Jersey Gods, an Image Comic by Glen Brunswick and Dan McDaid.

This is that pin up.

Go pick yourself up a copy. It's a fun read. Really fun.


More fun than you're having right now.

Especially if you're still reading this blog.

Why are you still here?

You should be half way to your local comic shop by now!!!!


Chad Kerychuk said...

Looks great, John!

I've added your blog URL to my WordPress blog as well. I had it in there before, but it seems during the update process, I lost some of the blogroll links. Probably an older saved version. Makes it easier to find your stuff again!

Kristen McCabe said...

I love how you drew his smooshed face I also love how you draw body hair.

WJC said...

That's a beaut! I look forward to getting JG#8.

Anonymous said...

Dude - great cover, but it's 10:30. If High River has a comic store, I'm sure they're not open 'til noon tomorrow - maybe even Saturday.


Le Tang said...

Nice John! I can really feel the impact.

Monkeyfeather said...

Hey, thanks everybody.

Le - I used all of my experience getting kicked in the face to good use finally.

Matthew J. Dyck said...

Way Cool!!!