Friday, March 30, 2007

Page 5

Well, looks like things ar getting worse for ol' Fizz.

Lots of drawing problems on this page. I kind of like how you can see the remnants of teeth marks in Fizz's shoulder, but man, looking back, this pages has some real problems. Oh well. Live and learn right?

I probably won't post again until monday. Next week will be the conclusion, and Monday, will be my favorite page of the whole book (page 6.) So, until then, have a good weekend blogosphere.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Page 4

Poor Fizz. Now what?

Not much to say about this page. The VZA hanging off of Fizz's back/shoulder in the last panel makes me chuckle a little for some reason. I think it tickled me when I first drew it as well. No idea why.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Page 3

This page I'm fairly happy with. I still like the idea of using a talisman to communicate with the dead by sticking it in their left over brain. That talisman comes in handy later too. A character slapping a brain? What was I thinking?

The colour is working reasonably well here I think, could maybe be a little more moody. I'm not sure.

The first appearance of the VZA's. My initial idea for these had them wearing Devo hats, I think it was even in my pitch for the story. Not sure why they're wearing Devo hats, just thought it would be funny and it's an idea that survived through the design process.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Page 2

Oh the plot thickens with the ol' brain on the floor gag. Looking back on this, I wish that I had gone darker once they got inside the building. The green is okay, but I wish that this felt moodier. Part of that also would be helped if I could have let the page count grow a bit, adding a few insert shot panels to help establish mood. Some of the characters expressions are a bit generic and could have been pushed a lot more, especially Fizz's reaction to the brain in the bottom left panel.

Science fiction is tricky since there isn't really reference; designing chairs, interiors of bars etc. takes a long time. I wish I had focused on those design elements more. Hopefully the next Jump Cannon story will be better.

Page 3 tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Page 1

Here's page one. Not much to say here since we're just starting out. How about a little about why the story was drawn?

This was the first comic I've ever followed through on. Back in college and a few times after that I have started them, but never finished them. I think a couple of years ago, I was finally in a place with my drawing skills that I could go through with a story and not be totally repulsed by the final result.

Overall, I was fairly happy with the final result. Some areas are definitely executed better than others. In general, being 2 years removed from the story now, I think it's okay, but not great. I think the biggest problem is page count. This was done for an anthology that never got off of the ground, and one of the rules was no more than 10 pages. I think this was more of a 12 page story. There's places where I would have liked to open up the story, give it a little more mood. I think the ending suffered as well, I think with a little more space, I could have built to something a little more clever. More on all that as we go through it.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Take the colouring with a grain of salt, this was the first thing I ever coloured digitally. That process took longer than drawing the damn thing.

Any ways, tomorrow, page 2!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Coming next week...

I did this ten page comic for an anthology that never got off of the ground a couple years ago, and I suppose it's time for somebody to see it. So, starting next week, I'll try and post a page a day until it's complete and maybe I'll include some sort of behind the scenes commentary about why I don't like it any more or, something like that. Until then, enjoy your weekend blogosphere!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here's a page from my portfolio of a character I haven't drawn in a while. I'd like to draw a story with him, but I'm not sure what that story is yet...

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Caricature... I suck at it. I try it all the time and success is a RARITY. I struggle and struggle. Sometimes, there is a rare person (usually friends or co-workers) that I can get right away, but if that doesn't happen, it almost NEVER happens... ever.

I did this drawing for my Step-brother's Wedding invite. It took me probably close to 100 attempts before I got close to "getting" him and probably around 50 for his lovely bride to be, and that one still sucks. Of course, this means nothing to you dear internet reader, for you have no idea what these people look like. To you, this is just another drawing.

I learned a lot doing this drawing. It's always good to step outside your comfort zone every now and then if you want to grow, and get better. Hopefully that will be the end result of this latest endeavour.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What could have been

Too bad this guy is dead. What happened? Was it a lack of foresight? Lack of vision? Maybe he just wasn't given a chance. Sure, his world was doomed from the start, because as we all know, without the proper foundation, it will crumble. In fact, it's inevitable, but maybe he could have lead us to something interesting, maybe even entertaining. At the end of the day, that's all we really want to do is entertain. Now that world's on life support, and he probably couldn't save it, but at least there would have been a guy with a fish bowl for a head, wearing bunny slippers, running around providing something a little animated to an otherwise dreary existence. You'd think the talking monkey would be the entertaining one, but even he's having problems...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Airport Sketches

Drawing at the airport is always fun. Drew these on the way to Vegas.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Birthday viking

Okay, this guy isn't fat, but he's hairy and for my buddy Scott's b-day which is today. As you can see, I'm still going through my viking phase.

When I sketched this out, his arms were swoopy and cartoony, then when I inked it, for some reason I gave him weird anatomy instead. Not sure why, not sure if I like my choice. I'm not going to question it though, last time I questioned a viking it was well... let's just say vikings don't like being questioned. Best to do what they tell you to do, this one wanted muscles.