Monday, April 30, 2007

More b-days

Here's a couple of drawings that I did for some friends that had Birthdays recently. I'll post these for now. Just got back from the honeymoon and have some Maui sketches to post, but they haven't been scanned yet. These will have to do for now.

This second one is a drawing of my friend Robert. It's what he would look like if I gave him my dog's body proportions for his birthday. Not sure how I would do that, I guess extensive plastic surgery. Yes, I was dropped a lot as a child.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Testing testing...

Well, after years and years of using the scanner at whatever job I had, I finally went and purchased my own. Unemployment will do that to you I guess. Oh well, I was long over due. I was just doodling with a ballpoint pen the other day and this is what happened. Thought I'd use the page as a test for the new scanner. After some adjustments, I think it might work out okay. Next we'll see how it handles more than one colour!

Friday, April 06, 2007

PAge 10

And so it ends.

Here's where the story definitely needed some space. I wish I had a little bigger page count to come up with a more clever ending than an explosion. That said, I have no idea what that more "clever" ending would be. Sometimes, the kids just want an explosion.

I also am not sure that it's clear that Jump is using the explosion to close the portal, not necessarily destroy the giant beast on the other side.

Well that's it. Until the next Jump Cannon story... see ya later. I might post some of my ridiculously tight thumbnails for this story next week. Maybe I'll explain why they were so damn tight too.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Page 8

Here's where things start to fall apart for the story. I'm running out of pages, and still lots to do. I think I could have benefited from a few more panels in this section to help set the mood more, as well as build up to what Krueger is up to. I think I could have played up the VZA's surrounding Jump more, hopefully building some more tension into this section, but I was running out of space.

I do still like the idea of using a big pile of brains to open a portal though.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Poor Fizz, it's rough being a sidekick. Again, this is a time when I wish I had a few more pages to work with. It's tough to feel the emotion of the loss of a character when you've only known him for six pages. I think the beats work reasonably well, but I could have used a little more time to really punch up the emotion.

That may not necessarily have made the moment better though because truthfully, I think my initial inspiration for this moment was laughs. For some reason, I found it amusing that Jump was a character that went through sidekicks like other people go through um... disposable socks. Do they make those? Any ways, maybe you understand what I'm getting at.

With more time, maybe the audience would have liked Fizz too much, making the moment too sad. Of course, most people don't think there is much humour in death, that's probably why I can never find funny sympathy cards in the card store.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Page 6

This is my favorite page of the whole story. I got this idea that it would be cool if I could make the Krueger backstory look like grainy black and white film footage. Thanks to the genius of photoshop, I was able to pull it off reasonably well. I found some brushes on the internet that helped me make the images look like scratched, beat up, dirty film. Anything to mask the HEAVY exposition I guess.