Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wedded Bliss

Here I go again neglecting my little ol' blog... I'm trying to be better about this and get back to a proper, more regular schedule of posting work. Big changes at the day job that have left me with a fun new project but, a lot more responsibility. I find I go home and obsess over what I can do to make the movie better instead of giving my brain a break and working on some of my own stuff. I have a couple of paintings in the owrks that I hope to post as soon as I finish them. Until then, here's a little rush job. Need to find that balance.

A buddy back in the AZ is getting hitched and they wanted me to do an image for the top of the wedding cake. You see, this is for a radio thing, that's why it's kinda cheesy. I wish I had more time to do something cooler. Hopefully the painting I'm doing will make up for the lameness that is this image.

Everybody doing alright? Okay, good.


PEPE said...

LAME!!!!????? you must be mad!! i cant wait till you get back to posting more regularly as i am always in need of a Monkeyfeather fix!! but i am glad to hear work is keeping you inspired!!

MT said...

I think it looks great, your style is fun to see :D

They should have given you a picture of the bride to stick on there too!

Monkeyfeather said...

Thanks RObin and MT. I need to post more drawings and get my chops back, you boys are posting some killer stuff and kicking my a$$!!!