Friday, November 17, 2006

Doodles of doodles

Work doodles on big paper with story notes on the back. *Sigh*... good times.

I might be getting fascinated with drawing Vikings. Three of them showed up on this page.


craig said...

yes Woody Allen....YES! Poor viking with the broken horn. He looks like he's on the edge

Alina Chau said...

coool character doodles!

Danarchy said...


Einat Hummel said...

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Kyle Marshall said...

Great works! Love seeing the quicks scteches and I have alos ben getting into a viking fix.

Gerald said...

Man, those are sweeeeet!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Very nice sketches! It's funny how as artists, we may not even realize that we're facinated by something in particular, but then we'll notice that we keep drawing the same thing over and over -- like your vikings. At this point you have to admit, whoa...I guess I'm in my viking phase.

That's how I drew my icon. Years ago I kept drawing Wrightson-esque Victorian skeletons.

orbit over luna said...

looks like you've also got a canadian too, complete with mullet and checked shirt!

crylic said...

and mighty fine vikings they are. great stuff man.


Matt P said...

That's weird man - I got the viking bug too!! I'll have to post Really like your 'boy and pig' stuff by the way.

shishir naik said...

Very interesting characters
and great stuff throughout!

jtruss said...

I know exactly what you mean about vikings. They're irresistable!

You're always inspirational, sir! I'm eternally your fan.

Anonymous said...

man, sweet doodles. these sketches are really cool.

martin wittig said...

John--Really great sketches!!:)

Kristen McCabe said...

Love the Vikings and the smoking guy. Your stuff is so so sooooooo GREAT!

pinny said...

not to push my own blog but i too was fascinated with vikings. love the woody allen.

Anonymous said...

woww!! great sketches. Love the guy with the trucker hat:)

LauraBraga said...

great works and greta blog!!


Monkeyfeather said...

Thanks Craig, Alina and Danarchy.

Hey Einat, I checked out your site, some funny animation on there.

Hey Kyle, yeah, I hope to post some more vikings soon.

Thanks Gerald.

Thanks for stopping by Marcelo. Yeah, it's amazing what drawing can reveal about what's going on in your head.

Vive la Canada Shannon!!!

Thanks Crylic.

Matt P, uh oh... sounds like we might have an epidemic on our hands.

Thanks Shishir.

No, YOU'RE the inspiring one JOEL!!!

Thanks Todd and Martin.

Thanks for dropping by Kristen. The work on your blog is looking REALLY fantastic!!!

Thanks Pinny.

Hey Chris, nice to see another drawingboard member in these parts.

Thanks Laura