Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You Squid

I've discovered a saying from my youth, "You squid" or, more of a name calling really was specific to my hometown of Calgary. With further research, it may even be found out that this specific nomenclature may even be specific to the school I went to. Squid was a term used like "geek" or, "nerd." I believe this was during my junior high years. As a side note, I was a squid i.e NOT COOL. I liked to draw, and I liked comic books, of course I was a squid. I gained a small amount of respect when I made the grade 8 basketball team in grade 7, but I suspect I was then known as "The squid who could play basketball." You can look at this bit of information as either a) useless or, b) A feeble attempt to get the kids of today to bring back the word SQUID and make it the next big thing. So get out there, pull up your pants, and call an unsuspecting bystander a SQUID.

So, the above character is certainly no "squid," she is the creation of a Mr. Jamie Baker. I did this drawing of his character SEPHALINA AKA NAUTI-GIRL or, SQUID GIRL. Jamie's good. Really good. You should check out his blog. See the links I added on the right? He's in there. You should buy some of his comics when you're there, or a sketchbook or something. His comic ROCKET RABBIT is refreshing and funny. Solid funny book entertainment for your hard earned loonie, dollar, euro, or peso.

Go now!

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, go see RATATOUILLE. BRILLIANT. Brad Bird is saving animation. Those fellas at Pixar are doing a pretty great job as well.

Hey, you know who worked on Ratatouille? That's right, JAMIE BAKER. Go to his site now!!! Go see the movie too!



Tobias Schwarz said...

absolutely agree on Ratatatat...the rat thing. Watched it twice already. But the film, that really needs some box-office help would be Surfs Up. Fantastic film, too and very underappreaciated.

Grant Gilliland said...

Hey...thanks for the comment earlier!

Your drawings are really beautifully done...nice linework, i'm always a fan of that. Keep up the good work.


miljenko said...

Love all your drawings, especially those quick sketches!!! Respect.

spleenal said...

I love the way you draw women.
and vikings.
and the other things too.

Monkeyfeather said...

Thanks Tobi. Yeah, listen to this guy. Go see Surf's more deserving than what it's getting for sure.

Thanks Grant. Your stuff rocks!

Thanks Miljenko and spleenal.

Chris Flick said...

Hi John...
Came across your blog from The Drawing Board. Just wanted to say that I really dig your Squid Girl!

I haven't seen Ratatouille yet - with two kids, it's hard enough just getting out and seeing the movies the wife wants to see. LOL!

Anyway, if you want to check out my little art blog, just click on my name/link above.