Thursday, July 08, 2010


There was a time when I did a tonne of birthday drawings. Not so much any more, but I did this for my wife's b-day today. This was inspired by my buddy Clarke Snyder, and my wife's current interest in cupcakes.


craig said...

ahh funny/tragic..dig it brother

Anonymous said...

Can you see me blushing all the way over here thru de internetz?

Nice job here buddy, surely the wife loved it to pieces and this made her Birthday Xtra Special.

I hope my teeny sprinkling of inspiration-dust lasts and we see lots more custom MonkeyHoff cards throughout the coming days, months & years.

Perhaps some with real live blood, sweat & paint! I dig these pixels... but brushstrokes is really where it's AT!

Tobias Schwarz said...


Chris Dacol said...

GREAt job!!! SO many birthdayS DAmn!

monkeyfeather said...

Thanks everybody.