Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another T

Another T-Shirt design for the KUPD boys. This one was fun, they wanted it similar to the classic dogs playing poker painting, and I had limited colour to play with.

It's kind of odd working on these things. I designed these characters/caricatures of the guys probably 5 years ago now. I think my skills have improved since then, but I find when I draw these old designs, I fall into the same ruts and drawing mistakes of 5 years ago. There are proportion issues with the designs etc. but I'm afraid if I "fix" a lot of this stuff, the designs will move away from what the client likes about them. I need to find a balance between fixing these things so that I hate the finished drawings less, yet still keep the client happy, and the recognition there.

They also wanted a new theme logo design for the front. I have zero training in Graphic Design yet, I seem to get a lot of work that involves it. Strange.

This is a mock up of what I hope the final shirt will look like.


rory said...

So weird. I never knew you did work for these guys and they mentioned you this morning on the radio, saying you lived in San Fran so I knew it had to be you. I visit the blog the very same day and there it is...nice drawin's, btw...:)

Monkeyfeather said...

Thanks Rory. I used to do a weekly strip on their site when I was still in Phoenix. That was a few years ago now. Good bunch of guys, and probably the best radio station of any city I have ever lived in.

I didn't do the drawing Holmberg mentioned, but I did send him a quick sketch of Bunny. Maybe I'll post it.

Steve said...

hey! thanks!

Monkeyfeather said...

No Steve, thank you.