Friday, May 09, 2008

Damn Dirty Apes

Colin Boyd has a redesigned sight. It used to be called Big Picture Radio, now it's called, Get The Big Picture. Check it out here.

Colin is one of my two favorite movie reviewers (the other being Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine.) Colin rates his reviews with DAMN DIRTY APES. A rating of 5 DAMN DIRTY APES is the top review score a movie can get.

The last couple site redesigns I have done the ape drawings (to go along with the reviews) so, when it came time for Colin to launch his new site, he asked me to do a new ape design.

Instead of regular apes, this time Colin decided it was time to go with the apes that his rating system comes from, PLANET OF THE APES. Check out his site at the link above, or in my links bar on the right.

This was the original ape I did before it was decided to go Planet of the Apes.


Le Tang said...

I never asked you... what's with Monkey Feather

Monkeyfeather said...

I just like the way it sounds. Also, if you check out the cleaned up for television version of OUT OF SIGHT...