Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not up to snuff

What better things to post on your blog than REJECTS! Why post your best work when you can post stuff that just isn't that great! Yes! That's what everyone wants to see.

Maverix Studios has another charity auction coming up and I was lucky enough to be asked to do some work for it. I ended up doing a couple of paintings that I'll post a little closer to the auction date.

This painting above is a self rejected piece. Something weird happened with the pigment in the watercolour I used on her jacket and it kinda ruined the painting. Looking at this again, I'm not that thrilled with the drawing either, so I guess all was the best.


Kyle Marshall said...

You have some great stuff here, and I like the pages down below.

Joe Karg said...

I can see what you mean about the jacket. Not that it's bad, but it's good to know what you do and don't want from your pieces. I love your work on here. The sketchbook pages are really fun to scan through. Very funny.

Jason Blower said...

I really like the quality that you got in her face and hair

Gerald said...

Yo, Happy belated Turkey Day. I thought the illustration looked great, but looking forward to your finalized piece. I'll definitely check back. Hope all is well for the holidays.

FerdinandKreozot said...

I sure is super sweet.
She sure is cute.
If you're not liking it and getting rid of it, I will have it.



Monkeyfeather said...

Thank you kind sirs!

Joe - That heart/rose design that is your avatar is really nicely designed. Very nice stuff.

Gerald - Good to hear from you man. Turkey day was good. How was yours?

Milenko - If I were to give you a painting, I hope it would be a lot better than this one.

Jamie Baker said...

John are you fishing for compliments here? a reject? This looks great! and I actually LIKE the texture on her jacket...